Thursday, November 30, 2017

Grateful for November

The month is coming to an end. This is our month of gratitude. November seems to bring with it that mindset to that allows us to stop and reflect on all the awesome gifts that God, Spirit the universe has given us. I am crazy grateful for my kids because they are my biggest teachers. They teach me to be patient and to be present. That is probably the hardest but the lesson that feel I really need. That means no phone just be there in the moment with them. I am also so grateful for the Running group I belong too. I feel so lucky to be one A Trail Crasher. No shit ultra - runners are the nicest people. They have got your back its crazy what a wonderful life changing community it is.

This little guy has discovered this month he loves hiking. This makes me crazy happy as you can imagine. We have on a could hikes and the going up hill is way better than the down but its all good.

I just finished this book and it was lovely. I had no idea Joe Biden was such a bad ass. This man has endured life lost that very few of us can imagine with such dignity and poise. He has given up so much of his family life to serve. I am glad I read it and I have so much respect for this man and his heart.

Our first picture with the Christmas Tree. My husband loves Christmas and we have had our lights up for weeks and our tree but the full on decorating just got finished. We are in the mood for some Santa now.. 

Friday, November 17, 2017

November days

This is me the month of November. Nothing really big or exciting just day by day simple Joys. These are the things that fill my brain and some sweet memories I will hold close to me. I am working on my December daily and this project is one I really love. It makes me want to plan dates with my loved ones in the month of December and somehow this project of collecting stories of my life it makes it brighter and more sparkly. I am also taking
Ali Edwards class that goes along with this project and its really gets you creative juices moving.
My kids are all taking music lessons and the house seems happier with so many instruments being played. Even though there not great I love the noise they make. The funny thing is I don't really care how good they are . I stand in the hall listening and its perfect to me. Life is moving so quickly that I keep thinking about getting a tattoo that says BE HERE. The days are long but the years are short. I don't want to miss it.
Oh Frida I think about her all the time. I love that she never gave a fuck what anyone thought of her awesomeness..
Oh I found a pink egg and quickly made brownies from scratch with it so it would taste extra yummy.
My running is off right now. These months suck for me. I am off so I make myself run at least 5 miles 6 days a week. This week was different because I had serious dental work done. As I type this I have 7 stitches in my mouth. (oouucchh)  I still ran 5 miles today slow but I just don't want to lose my running mojo You know what I mean.
Then there was a friends giving I went to that was a blast. I love my running friends there my bestest peeps. I even played Jenga
That is me right now. A little bit of this and that and I gotta love it!
Wishing you a full rich weekend with your loved ones. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Volunteering at Mount Laguna Marathon

I was lucky enough to be able to volunteer at The Mount Laguna Trail Marathon with my crazy fun friends. I chose not to run this year because I am still recovering from Tahoe 200. ( I am tired ) We had a blast just helping and encouraging runners to keep going. The Mount Laguna marathon is actually 27.3 miles so our job was to stand at mile 26 and clap and yell and keep runners moving along. Oh and maybe offer up some candy or a shot of something !!! The mountains where showing of there beautiful color. Fall is my favorite time of year. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Just cause life is worth recording

I have decided that I need to go back to making this my everything about every day blog. Somehow along the way I decided that this would be just about my running adventures and yes those are fun and crazy hard but so is the everyday story of my life. ( not crazy hard but it is life )
 There is so much more to me and I have had this little space for the last 7 years where I have shared so much and why I stopped well I am not sure but I am back. My kids are growing up so fast and I want to document it here. I heard the quote the days are long but the years are short and yes it is so true !!!  I kinda want to share all my new goals for next year and hopefully better record how I plan on achieving it... Here is to sharing mommy . family. running stories

Monday, October 9, 2017

My Cuyamca 100k Race report

 I woke up at 3am made some coffee got all my gear in the car and made my way to my friends house. We carpooled to the race because I know  that running a long race and trying to drive home alone can be really hard.  We made it to the race by 5:30am
As soon as we got there I felt better. We got great parking and had lots of time to check in and hit the bathroom. I got my number 119 and got my picture taken. Then got in line and ready to start. This is one of the best races in San Diego. The race director Scott Crellin really makes sure that everything is ready for us the runners. We had our morning briefing and then right at 6:30 am we where off.  I felt good and ready. I do want to say this.. I know I am not recovered from the Tahoe 200 and that I should not be running yet but I love this race and I love the ultra running community so much. That my will power lost and there you have me at the start. 

This course is beautiful but it will kick you ass if you are not trained.  The aid stations are amazing. They want you to succeed so they encourage you to keep going. They get you ready to keep going by feeding you good food or hugging you and believing in you when you stop.
This year my back and feet where not happy with me. I didn't carry any water in my pack and I thought maybe my back would be just fine. It still hurts from Tahoe I think the pack I chose for that race was way to big .
 I got to Cuymaca peak that was Angela Shartel's aid station. (she is this amazing ultra runner)  I wanted to quit because my back was on fire. I sat there and Angela in a very sneaky way got me back on the trail. She did that thing that helps you get your head back in the game with out letting your self know thats what your doing.  A young man at the aid station cracked my back twice and that really helped so before I knew it I was running again. 

I was not moving really fast but I was moving and I was loving running . I could manage the pain in my back so I was good to go. I needed to finish the first loop with a little bit of a cushion in order to be timed out. I was chasing cut offs ( almost chasing them) I finished loop 1. Becca and Nartaya got me ready and next thing you know I was off again. Loop 2 is hard even though its only 13 miles. The thing I told myself is its 13 miles G. You can run 13 miles.

I took this picture at the point I knew I was not going to be able to compete this race.  My back was killing me, Tahoe caught up with me and my feet where so sore. I decided at this moment to count my blessings. I would end up running 48 beautiful miles at the Cuymaca 100k and that is a huge positive. I love this hard race and imagine this . Here I am in this beautiful field running and sharing stories with other runners. The part of me that really wanted to run this under 17 hours was let down but my heart is way bigger than that and running owns so much of my happiness that just being a part of this amazing event was enough for me this year.
Miss G got a DNF at the Cuymaca 100k this year and yeah a DNF always sucks but I love running so I will be back next year. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

This weekends 100k

This Saturday is the Cuyamaca 100k. I am super excited but also nervous because it is a hard race and I want to do well that for me means 16 1/2 hours. I have my nutrition down and I have some new Olympus Altras so my feet should be happy. My friend Nartaya who is in this picture is coming out to pace me and we always laugh together. I love races like these because San Diego has the nicest runners and getting to see everyone is always so much fun.